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How does it work?
We apply an integration strategy that fits your business goals and deliver working connectors, so you (and not software vendors) control and manage all the data about your assets, and decide what to share and with whom.
Where will data be?
We use modern integration tools that create live data flow from various sources, including legacy software. Historic and real-time data will be at your disposal in a data hub under your control.
Where does the link go? Is it safe? Do we build our own software?
Success Stories
We serve digital built world leaders since 2019
HIH Real Estate
HIH Group is a leading real estate investment firm, among the top performing players in Germany with €70B in AUM.
Challenge /
Development of new digital products, enhancing performance of investment instruments backed by real estate assets; emerging regulatory requirements for higher transparency and responsibility of business, such as the growing importance of ESG benchmarks for real estate.

Solution /
We helped HIH Group create create and implement a technological backbone and data hub, connecting multiple software. HIH’s investment managers benefit from consolidated real-time view across portfolios, track aggregated KPIs and manage risks.

Result /
Increased ability of investment managers to assess the performance (real-time position and risk data) of real estate-backed investments under management, saved costs on due diligence process, lower yield on exit due to higher transparency of historic data.

"For the effective use of state-of-the-art management technology, long-term cooperation based on partnership is the goal-oriented means. For our transformation, we need proptechs that share our commitment and vision."
Managing Director
HIH Real Estate GmbH
IntReal Solutions
IntReal Solutions is a digital service company of IntReal, an investment fund administration business in Germany.
Challenge /
Aggregation of relevant data sets across the proptech ecosystem, integration of IT solutions to create new seamless user experiences across the landscape of 40+ professional business applications.

Solution /
We supported IntReal’s establishment of their digital strategy, in seamlessly integrating multiple software solutions, such as Tower 360, Proda AI, Cloudbrixx, Deepki, Salesforce, Bison Box, Assetti, etc.

Result /
Cost saving factor up to x3 for the business users and administrators in the REIMA (real estate investment management applications) team.
"Our software landscape is growing into an ecosystem. It is of fundamental importance that the complex systematics of holistic digital management can build on a smooth exchange of tools among each other. In order for our digital solutions to leverage and scale their synergies together, we carefully chose a software communication specialist."
Stefan RATH
Team Leader Real Estate and Investment Management Applications
IntReal Solutions GmbH

Swisscom Broadcast
Swisscom Broadcast is the leading Swiss provider of high availability communications, security and video analytics solutions for the public sector, the emergency services and major events.
Challenge /
Establishment of a secure and intelligent data exchange platform to facilitate development and deployment of customer-specific data-driven B2B solutions.

Solution /
We designed and implemented over a dozen integrations (e.g. Bluefox, Brickstream, Meteoschweiz, ServiceNow) and developed several data-driven solutions, including predictive analytics for people density, sensor data acquisition and aggregation, route-planning algorithms for unmanned aerial vehicles, etc.

Result /
Cost saving factor of x4 reduction in relevant KPIs of cost and complexity of integration and maintenance tasks, minimizing technical problems related to ingestion of data from legacy applications and infrastructures.
“Our guiding principle is to enable our customers in the area of Safety & Security to make quick and correct decisions. We pull together customer-specific data and condense it to essential information using analysis methods so that the customer receives an automatically generated and clear picture of the situation in real-time.

To do this, we need tools that allow us to connect sources easily, in a short time and at low cost, and to process their data reliably.”
Head of Data-Driven Products
Swisscom Broadcast AG
Aareal Bank
Aareal Bank is a listed international provider of financing solutions and services, with a focus on the property industry, based out of Germany.
Challenge /
Functional requirements (blueprint) for the new valuation and monitoring tool - a web service connecting different data sources for iterative automated valuation process of pledged assets and output of valuation results in digital format.

Solution /
We conducted an analysis of the bank’s large-scale multi-purpose enterprise solutions and new software that the bank considered to acquire for the purpose of valuation and risk assessment connected with commercial real estate financing; we prepared a functional platform architecture design (integration context included software as Realxdata, SAP, IBM BPM, HypCloud, Assetti).

Result /
Cost saving factor (x2 reduction in relevant KPIs) and increase of potential revenue up to €30M per year.
“The core of digital transformation is cooperation with proptechs. Technological change is happening rapidly and we have to stay close to this development. We are expanding the digital product range through further strategic partnerships to ensure more reliable data exchange and quality, automated, more transparent processes, and improved risk analysis.”
Head of Valuation and Research
Aareal Bank AG
We built hundreds of data connectors for solutions from established technology vendors
Rent roll software to instantly capture and consolidate versions of rent roll data from spreadsheets into object-based datasets.
Portfolio and property management system for data-driven asset management, lease administration and reporting.
Asset and investment management software for real estate with focus on pipeline asset management.
Established software for asset and portfolio management.
Real estate asset management software for portfolio analysis and online collaboration.
Cloud-based CRM software designed to help businesses find more prospects, close more deals.
Modular cloud software for
construction and real estate management.
The solution uses customer data to improve the ESG performance of assets and maximize their value.
Power BI is a unified, scalable platform for self-service and enterprise business intelligence
Low-code online database software and simple web forms
IoT solutions for thermal imaging, infrared cameras and sensors for industries and smart buildings.
WiFi sniffers for real time foot traffic/visitor count measurements using mobile phone signal.
Cloud-based enterprise service workflow automation platform.
Location risk intelligence services from a leading insurance company.
Global real-time and forecast weather data service.
Enterprise resource planning and management software.
Use Cases
We help you find a use case to suit your business needs
Data Sharing
The data hub facilitates secure data sharing within the company and with external partners. For example, in real estate deals, the platform can serve as a central repository for deal information. It enables authorized team members to access and collaborate on deal-related documents, financials, and communication. External parties, such as legal advisors or potential investors, can also access specific information with controlled permissions, enhancing transparency and collaboration.
Spreadsheet Cleaning
The data hub can automate the process of recognizing and extracting relevant data from spreadsheets. For instance, it can scan spreadsheets containing property addresses, details, financial records, tenancy schedules, or transaction information. By transforming unstructured spreadsheet data into structured formats, the platform enhances data accuracy, minimizes manual data entry, and supports more efficient data analysis. You can begin with simple but important stuff, like asset identification and addresses.
Net Income Calcs
Asset managers can use the data hub to consolidate tenant information from various property management systems and spreadsheets. The platform can calculate net income by integrating rental income data with expense data, including tenant improvements, maintenance and utility costs and property taxes. This provides an accurate and up-to-date view of property financials, helping asset managers manage portfolios, steer tenant relationships, and reach sustainable revenue optimization.
Risk, Location, Valuation
For real estate investors, the data hub can gather information from multiple sources, including market data, property records, and historical lease and service payments data. This enables real-time risk assessment, location analysis, and property valuation. By integrating and analyzing these diverse datasets, investors can make informed decisions about potential investments, estimating property values, and assessing market trends.
Energy consumption
The data hub platform can collect energy consumption data from various sources, such as smart meters and IoT devices or manually updated systems of record across different properties. It aggregates and centralizes this data while storing it securely under your ownership, providing real-time insights into energy usage patterns. This allows property managers to identify opportunities for energy efficiency improvements, track consumption trends, and optimize utility costs across your real estate portfolio.
Introducing a web service that provides access to the CRREM model (Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor) via API. CRREM is a widely recognized model that assesses the carbon intensity of real estate portfolios. By integrating the CRREM model into the data hub, you can use your portfolio information and receive calculated carbon intensity values, identifying properties with higher carbon emissions and potential climate risks. As an official partner of CRREM, we are always providing the latest version of the calculation model that is verified and approved by CRREM.EU API is much faster and more reliable than the original spreadsheet model, and it stores the calculation results in machine-readable form, ready for visualization in PowerBI or another software of your choice.
Greendex is a web service that leverages the data hub platform to measure and assess the environmental impact of buildings. The platform behind your data hub integrates data from various sources, including building specifications, energy consumption data, materials used, and waste management practices. Using this data, Greendex calculates key environmental metrics such as carbon emissions, energy efficiency, water usage, and waste generation. The data hub will connect with sensors, meters, and IoT devices installed in buildings to collect real-time energy consumption and environmental data, but you can begin with a simple analysis of how green the location of your assets is just by using your asset’s address.
No doubt you already have a stack of software solutions in use. We can help you find a suitable collection of tools that work well together, connect them with the ones you are using today. Our approach is not to build new software from scratch but to set up a solid technological foundation for a live ecosystem, when replacing software or adding a new tool does not create stress.
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